Nauticol is dedicated to integrating environmentally responsible and socially conscious decisions and actions through all aspects of what we do.

Our reputation, and our responsibility to others, is of the highest importance. Our operations in Grande Prairie will set new standards for CO2 emissions in the methanol production industry for the world using proven technology, and will combine collaboration with innovation to minimize our environmental impacts.

Strategic Location

Optimizing Existing Infrastructure

Nauticol’s commitment to creating value for our shareholders, stakeholders and partners, while minimizing our impacts on the environment, was a key factor in the strategic site selection of our Grande Prairie facility.

Building a highly modularized facility on an existing brownfield site and optimizing  infrastructure with our industrial neighbours will minimize land disturbance. This synergy reaps even further benefits. The combination of smart design, strategic site location, and industrial synergies reduces our project’s ecological footprint compared to a traditional methanol facility of its scale.

Nauticol will also use existing roads, railway, power lines and pipelines in the development of our operations. By thinking strategically in a way that is mindful of the environment, we look to optimize the use of existing infrastructure, and reduce capital costs and environmental impacts.



Proximity to our natural gas feedstock

Nauticol’s Grande Prairie facility will use natural gas as the feedstock in our methanol production process. Our location in the heart of the Montney Formation, with its abundant supply of natural gas resources, creates further environmental benefits. By shrinking the distance that natural gas must travel to reach our facility, we are able to reduce the energy required to transport the gas.

Nauticol’s innovative collaboration with our industrial neighbour drives the highest efficiency of resources and economics.

Environmental Considerations


Net zero methanol and carbon capture will have a transformative impact.

The project will have lower emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants.


Nauticol is committed to protecting our water resources by using water responsibly in our operations.


Results of a third-party noise assessment indicated that noise levels produced by Nauticol’s Grande Prairie operations should be below permissible sound levels at the nearest residences. As part of our commitment to community and environmental well-being, a program will be implemented after construction for continuous noise monitoring of our operations.


Train traffic entering and exiting the Nauticol site is expected to go south from the site. Product will travel by rail in tank cars from the site to the Port of Prince Rupert, BC and justify further investments in rail infrastructure for the region.


Nauticol is working with neighbouring industries and nearby residents to minimize traffic volumes during peak times.