Nauticol’s Grande Prairie methanol facility will operate in a manner that respects the environment, complies with all relevant regulatory and legislated environmental requirements, and adheres with the accepted codes and practices of the petrochemical industry.

Nauticol is committed to maintaining a safe working environment for its employees and the general public. Once operational, all applicable occupational health and safety standards and regulations will be met or exceeded.

Nauticol will comply with all reporting requirements and will have site-specific policies and procedures in place to fulfill the terms and conditions of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) approval for the facility.

Nauticol has employed industry standards, proper design and material-selection standards to ensure effective emissions control throughout the life-cycle of the project.  Our environmental performance will be measured throughout the project with operational and verifiable management metrics.

Our relationships are based on trust, respect, mutuality and transparency. As such, Nauticol is committed to ongoing engagement with stakeholders, including local communities and Indigenous Peoples, to manage our impacts on the environment and our communities.