Canada’s Nauticol Energy has teamed up with its partner to create a new Singapore based company that will develop, construct and operate a multi-billion-dollar World Scale, Net Zero Methanol facility in Alberta, Canada and distribute Methanol worth over $1 billion annually through its Singapore trading platform.



Our facility is being developed in an environmentally safe and responsible way that provides value to the community, our shareholders and our employees. The project will create approximately 5,000 Alberta jobs and 200 high-skilled permanent jobs in the Grande Prairie area and in Calgary. It will promote economic development in Alberta, furthering the growth of a more robust value-added chain for Alberta’s abundant natural gas resources.

Strategic Location

Nauticol’s Grande Prairie location provides a competitive edge:

Access To A Burgeoning Supply Of Competitively Priced Natural Gas

The abundance of competitively priced natural gas in North America, and its environmental advantage over coal as a feedstock, make natural gas the preferred choice in producing methanol. The project is situated in an area with carbon capture sequestration opportunities.  Net Zero Methanol, in energy applications, is an essential part of global commercial, societal and government objectives to reduce global CO2 emissions.  As global transportation leaders are aligning key assets and infrastructure for low carbon methanol, Nauticol will be positioned to meet this demand.

Nauticol’s Grande Prairie facility is situated in a prime location, in the heart of the prolific natural gas and liquid hydrocarbon formation called the Montney. This world-class resource covers around 130,000 square kilometers and spans about 700 kilometers from northeastern British Columbia to northwestern Alberta. By 2040, the Montney is projected to produce over half of Canada’s natural gas.

Industry-Friendly Communities

The Grande Prairie area offers one of the most vibrant, entrepreneurial and business-friendly economic climates in North America. Nauticol is developing our operations in close consultation with local communities. We have also been significantly engaged with local Indigenous communities. In our Grande Prairie operations, Western Cree Tribal Council (WCTC) members play an active role in our project’s development.

Access to Skilled Labour

The region is growing at a rate faster than both the provincial and national rates. Its young demographics, combined with the availability of post-secondary trades, college and university education, support the future development of an educated workforce.

Collaborative synergies and innovation using proven technology

Nauticol deliberately selected an existing brownfield (industrial) site in the County of Grande Prairie as the location of our highly modularized methanol facility. This location is adjacent to an industrial neighbour, allowing us to optimize services and infrastructure. The combination of smart design, strategic site location, and industrial synergies reduces our project’s ecological footprint, compared to a traditional methanol facility of its scale.

By 2040, the Montney is projected to produce over half of Canada’s natural gas.

Transport Logistics


Utilizing existing, high capacity infrastructure and the latest in advanced tanker safety technology,
Nauticol will safely and efficiently transport methanol produced by the Grande Prairie Facility to the Port
of Prince Rupert, BC. To minimize disturbances for nearby communities, trains will both enter and exit
the Facility from the south and will not travel through the City of Grande Prairie.