Nauticol is providing a unique solution to complex energy, engineering and commercial challenges in Alberta. Using Alberta’s natural gas to produce methanol creates value for trapped Alberta natural gas resources by providing a new opportunity to access international markets not currently being served by Alberta.

Our operations will advance Alberta’s goal of monetizing its abundant natural gas resources by converting that natural gas to a value-added product for global markets. Nauticol will set the tone for Canadian investment – creating jobs, attracting and ensuring investment in Alberta, and diversifying the local and provincial economies.

Global Methonal Demand By Region

Source: Argus Methanol 2020 Report – Feb 2020

Creating Economic Value

Economic Output


Labour Revenue

Alberta Tax Revenues

5000 JOBS

Service, Support, Ancillary

Nauticol has a number of innovative collaborations, such as partnerships with Indigenous communities, collaboration with government, and synergies with industry. We are also innovative in the way we bring various technology suppliers, engineering companies and construction contractors together.  All parties are brought together early in the project development and are aligned with a common goal to make the project a success.