Smart, Efficient and Economical

Nauticol’s facility incorporates a modular design in which the majority of facility components will be pre-fabricated offsite in Edmonton, Alberta and assembled at our Grande Prairie site.

  • Completing as much fabrication and assembly work as possible in controlled off-site fabrication shops results in greater accuracy, lower costs and higher productivity compared to a field-constructed or “stick-built” facility.
  • Modularization increases worker safety by moving the majority of work to a controlled environment and by reducing the time required for construction at site.
  • Modularization greatly reduces required field work at the site location and shortens the overall construction schedule or build time. This results in reduced costs and energy use.
  • The compact design minimizes the environmental footprint. On-site installation minimizes site disturbance.
  • Nauticol’s use of a templated “design once and build many” approach streamlines the overall design and construction processes.
  • Nauticol actively involves contractors and fabricators throughout the design phase to maximize project efficiency.

Nauticol’s engineering design is focused on sustainability and conservation.

Best-in-Class Proven Technology

Nauticol has partnered with Topsoe, a company with extensive experience and best-in-class technology that is commercially viable, proven, reliable and used world-wide. The technology is designed to deliver ease of operation, reduced downtime and maximum energy efficiency.

Site synergies and collaborative approach

Nauticol’s Grande Prairie facility will be located on an existing brownfield industrial site with an industrial neighbour. The site has been deliberately selected to allow for optimizing services and synergies. This collaborative approach drives efficiencies and reduces the facility’s overall capital costs.

Designed for efficiencies, Nauticol’s Grande Prairie project is expected to achieve an operating rate greater than 90 percent.